How to clean the bearing to keep it clean?

Bearing is a fixed component that reduces the coefficient of friction and friction in the mechanical transmission process. Whether it is a domestic bearing or an imported bearing, regular cleaning is very important. The following will introduce the method of cleaning the bearing:

1. Hot oil cleaning: Dip the motor bearings that have been used for a long time and hardened with soft glycerin or anti-rust paste in hot oil at 100-200 ℃, clamp the bearings with pliers, and use a brush to clean the oil stains on the bearings.

Note: Soft dry oil or anti-rust paste will melt when heated to 100-200 ℃. During the hot oil cleaning process, the hardness of the bearing will easily decrease due to improper operation.

2. Soaking in kerosene: Soak the motor bearing in kerosene for 5-10 minutes, hold the inner ring with one hand and turn the outer ring with the other hand, the dry oil or anti-rust paste on the motor bearing will fall off. Then put the motor bearing into relatively clean kerosene, brush it with a soft brush, then put it in gasoline to clean it once, take it out and put it on a clean paper.

Note: The shape is too complex, and it is difficult to brush the workpiece with holes and grooves of different sizes.

3. Spray cleaning: For large workpieces and small batches, a turntable or a fixed cleaning chamber can be used, and the cleaning nozzles can be used to spray cleaning fluid from different directions and angles. During the cleaning process, the workpieces can be turned over as needed.

Note: The effect of spray cleaning is not obvious, and the wire clips are easily damaged.

4. Ultrasonic cleaning machine P27: Through the cavitation effect of ultrasonic waves, tens of thousands of cells in the positive and negative pressure areas in the cleaning solution are "blasted" and impact the workpiece, so that the dirt on the surface, gaps and holes of the workpiece is quickly peeled off and clean. purpose without damaging its workpiece surface.

Note: The cleaning speed is fast, the effect is good, the workpiece will not be damaged, and the cost is saved.