How to identify the quality of stainless steel bearings

1. Looking at the material, the stainless steel of stainless steel bearings can be seen from their hardness and precision. In this regard, good stainless steel bearings are much higher than inferior stainless steel bearings.

2. We can observe the stainless steel bearing with the naked eye to see whether the inner and outer raceways are in the shape of an arc groove, whether there are signs of peeling, and whether there are cracks and peeling on the rolling surface, and whether the entire frame is loose. Wait.

3. Judging from the feel, the gap between the inner and outer rings of a normal stainless steel bearing and the rolling elements is not too large. When we shake the inner race with our hands, we can see if it has obvious shaking. If there is, then it is Inferior stainless steel bearings.

4. When the stainless steel bearing is rotated, if it is not flexible enough and has a sense of obstruction during the rotation, or the stainless steel bearing shakes during rotation, it is also an inferior stainless steel bearing.

5. As for the price, we must always believe in the saying that you get what you pay for, and you can’t make your losses even bigger because of petty and cheap. If the price of stainless steel bearings is much lower than the normal market price, then you Be careful, this may be shoddy, because the cost of stainless steel bearings is relatively high. If the price is too low, even the basic cost cannot be achieved, how can it be a really good high-quality stainless steel bearing Woolen cloth.